You can Add Extra Pages to your U.S. Passport if:

  •  Your current passport pages are full.
  •  You travel extensively or have used up over half of the pages of your passport.

Requirements to Adding Extra pages to your US Passport are:

  •  Fill out a completed DS-4085 form.
  •  Your current valid US passport.
  •  Proof of international departure – flight itinerary from the airline or a travel agent
    (Departure within 10 business days for those requesting processing in less than
    two weeks).
  •  Check/Money Order of $142.00 to US Department of State for Expedited Service.
  •  Signed Arrow Travel & Tours Letter of Authorization.
  •  Signed Arrow Travel & Tours Passport & Visa Service Order Form.

Once you have the above documents in order, please call us before sending package with Payment to ‘Arrow Vacations’ and a Pre-paid return FedEx Airbill or appropriate fee.