Arrow Travel can obtain Electronic Travel Authorizations (ETA Visa) for most visitors to Australia.

Instructions for Securing Australian ETA Visa.

U.S. citizens are required to secure visas prior to travel to Australia. Australia issues visas electronically and the visa is called an “Electronic Travel Authority” – “ETA”. The ETA allows U.S. citizens to travel to Australia for tourism, to visit friends or relatives, or for short-term study. The ETA entitles the holder to make multiple entries to Australia and remain in the country for up to three months on any one entry.

The visa is electronically recorded and there is no record of it in your passport or on any physical document. When you go to the airport to check in to fly to Australia, the agent at the check-in desk will pull up your ETA on their records.

Australian ETA’s are valid for citizens of the countries listed below. All other citizens must obtain a travel visa stamp in their passport.
Brunei Canada Hong Kong Japan
Malaysia Singapore South Korea United States


If you would like for us to secure an ETA for you to travel to Australia, please follow the instructions mention here:

Print out one application per person. All fields must be completed, dated & signed. Kindly fax or email completed application to us.
Download, print & fill out our Passport & Visa Service Order Form.
Send a copy of your Passport information page and a copy of your Credit Card, back & front, that you plan to use along to us.
Carefully check all data and credit card information. Incomplete/inaccurate data and credit card information may delay processing and issuance of the ETA. There is a $10 fee for all declined credit cards.
You will receive an e-mail confirmation from us acknowledging your ETA application.
Normal processing for an ETA is 2 business days. If you require same day processing, this option is available for an additional charge. Once ETA has been issued, an email will be sent to the address you have provided in your application. This confirmation will provide you with the ETA number you will need upon entry into Australia.
Your ETA will ONLY be valid for the name and passport number provided in your ETA application. Each traveler, regardless of age or passport number, must have their own ETA.
Upon submitting this request, there are no refunds.
For questions, kindly e-mail or call us at 1-212-889-2550.

Instructions for Securing Australia Visa Stamp in your passport.

If your’re not a citizen of the above listed countries, then you do not qualify for an ETA Visa. You will therefore need to submit your application for a regular Australia Visa stamp in your passport.

Below are the requirements:

Original valid passport (min. 6 months).
Original valid US Green Card or Certified/ Notarized copy.
Other valid US Visa e.g. F1, H1B & I-94.
Two Passport size photos.
Application form filled out & signed. (Form 48R).
Business Application form filled out & signed. (Form 456).
Application form for Appointment of a migration agent filled out & signed. (Form 956).
Application form for Applicants aged 70 and over, must be filled out & signed by medical practitioner as directed. (Form Proforma For Offshore).
Letter of Intent (must mention purpose & duration of visit).
Flight Reservation.
Hotel Reservation or Invitation letter from friends or family in Australia with a copy of their valid status in Australia.
USA Job verification letter.
Most recent bank statement. (No mini statement accepted).
Consulate fee. Please check with us.
Arrow Travel & Tours Service fee. Please check with us. Make payment to ‘Arrow Vacations’.
If you’re sending your document via mail, kindly enclose a prepaid return FedEx.

Note: Australian Consulate may request additional documentations as deem necessary.