Requirements for a Lost or Stolen Passport are:

  •  2 (two) passport sized photos (write your name & date of birth on back of it).
  •  Passport Application Form DS-11 completed Online.
    Note: In the Mail Passport to Section, fill in Arrow Travel & Tours address.
    – Under Permanent Address Section, fill in Applicants address.
    Do not sign this application until instructed by acceptance Agent.
  •  Fill out the DS-64 , gray lost/stolen form.
  •  Proof of US Citizenship – Original birth certificate or other proof of U.S. citizenship,
    or original naturalization certificate or a previous passport.
  •  Proof of Identity – Valid Driver’s License (not temporary or learner’s license) or
    Previous US Passport or Certificate of Naturalization or Certificate of citizenship or
    government employee ID as Proof of Photo Identity. If you do not have any of the
    above, click here for additional information on how you can provide proof of
  •  Proof of International Departure – Original flight itinerary from the airline or travel
    agent (Departure must be within 10 business days for those requesting a passport
    in less than two weeks).
  •  Check/Money Order of $170.00 payable to U.S. Department of State. Do Not write check until instructed to do so by Acceptance Agent.
  •  Signed Arrow Travel & Tours Letter of Authorization.
  •  Complete Arrow Travel & Tours Passport & Visa Service Order Form.
With the above mentioned documentations, you must appeared In Person at the Acceptance Agency at the Post Office or County Clerk to certify & obtain your Sealed envelope.

Once you have the above documents in order, please call us before sending package with Payment to ‘Arrow Vacations’ and a Pre-paid return FedEx Airbill or appropriate fee.
The following documentation should be sent to us:

  •  Sealed Envelope.
  •  Arrow Travel & Tours order form.
  •  Payment to Arrow Travel & Tours. (cash or money order).
  •  Pre-paid return FedEx Airbill or appropriate fee.

Note: Sealed envelope expires 5 business days after being sealed by clerk of court or postmaster.